Prices are subject to change without notice, in the case of discrepancy prices on menus in store will be applied. Updated on March 9 2017.


  1. Terrible service, dishonest, and rude staff! I know why it's half empty on a Saturday night.

    After ordering two main courses, the waitress suggested a side dish of vegetables. We assumed that the vegetables would be a similar price to the mains, but they were almost twice the price! I can only assume this is a trick that the restaurant uses to make more money, since few people go there. We called over the manager, and she blamed US for not asking the price whilst we ordered! I'm very glad I know many honest and decent Chinese people, because this is the sort of interaction that creates negative stereotypes.

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  4. The food is very good but what was disappointing was that, tonight when I went to pay by debit, first the server would not let me initially look at the bill first and then she proceeded to accept on my behalf the charge on my card without letting me see the screen. When she finally gave me the machine, it was the TIP screen. She accepted a charge that I am supposed to in comparison with the bill

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